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Giovanni Michael Mastro / Guitar

Giovanni grew up around influences of classic rock, pop and jazz. Early on he was exposed to a variety of musical styles, from Grand Funk, Parliament Funkadelic, Jimi Hendrix, Sinatra, Steve Earle and everything in-between. "I remember making my dad buy me the Parliament album with Maggot Brain on it because I was the kid who was fascinated by the song with the cool guitar sound and solo." 

He has performed in bands playing many styles and with accomplished musicians from around the country, including members of Billy Joel's band, Vonda Shepard and Mark Rivera of Ringo Stars All Star Band.

He is a seasoned musician, able to channel emotion into solid, inspirational guitar playing, and 30 years after first picking up the guitar he’s still pushing the sonic envelope, obliterating genre barriers and-when the situation calls for it-ripping like his head is on fire.

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